5 Ways to Make Your Man Obsessed With You

Men are so tricky. They can be so hot and cold, and it can leave us feeling unsure! I mean understandably so, the male species can be incredibly shallow and they fail to notice the little things. Am I right? So instead of sitting in your bed in the middle of the night (which is what I’m sure you’re doing right now) lets dig deeper and learn how to make your man obsessed with you.

Step 1: Give Him Space

Okay, this may sound contradictory, but have you ever heard the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” If that is familiar, it’s TRUE. It can be so hard not to be dependent on your significant other but it is important to do things for yourself away from them! Go out with your friends, take yourself out on dates, pick up a new hobby, I promise that if they see you having fun without them, it will only make them want you more. Not to mention, it will make you feel more confident and independent too!

Step 2: Try Something New

In a relationship, especially a long term one, it can be so hard to keep things spicy. In order to keep the spark flying and keep your man obsessed with you, you need to try something new! Whether that be to go somewhere new, do something new together or alone, your man needs to see you in a different element! Take him on a hike, or out in nature where you’re alone. No one can deny beauty when you’re out in nature.

Step 3: Men’s Secret Obsession

Now, this may sound odd, but I promise you men have a secret obsession. You haven’t thought of it, they probably haven’t even thought of it. But it will make your man obsessed with you. Now I can’t just outright tell you because that would give away the secret, but just click here to see what men are truly obsessed with.

Step 4: Show Him Who You Are

Show him your strength and independence. Go out with someone new (if you aren’t in an exclusive relationship yet), make him squirm! Show him what you enjoy, and how your face lights up when you watch the sunset. I promise you!

Step 5: Post KILLER Insta Pics

I promise this is a gateway to a man’s heart. Take a quick selfie, or go out for a fun photoshoot. Make his attention focused on you! Get that comment or DM from him. If you post, he’s guaranteed to see it!

Now, don’t forget to BE YOU. Some guys just don’t deserve how amazing you are, but I promise if you want this guy, these tips will work! Just make sure to not come off desperate 😉 Best of luck! ❤

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