Top 5 Skincare Products You Need This Summer

With summer already here, there are so many products that I am not sponsored by, but I SWEAR by that make summer so much more fun, safe, skin-friendly, and stress free. Now I don’t know about you, but summer is my favorite season. Although, sometimes the heat can be too much. In this blog post I will link my favorite products that are good for your skin, a beach day, hanging out, or just for extra enjoyment! Now I won’t ramble on anymore, let’s just get right into it!

Summer Skin Care & Hair Care

  1. Cerave AM Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30
  • Okay I have absolutely NO idea what they put in this freaking product, but I PROMISE you it is incredible. I literally apply it once in the morning on my face and neck, and I genuinely never ever get sunburned! I don’t even reapply. It’s not oily or sticky at all, genuinely an amazing product.

2. Glossier Futuredew Oil Serum

  • Do you wanna glow this summer? Don’t bother with anything else other than Glossier’s oil serum. If you prefer here is the link to this product from Glossier’s website because it is way cheaper (no I am not sponsored!)

3. Jason Skin Oil Vitamin E, 5,000 IU

  • If you get a sunburn, put this on it. Trust me.

4. The Ordinary Virgin Pressed Marula Oil

  • No matter what affiliate commissions I receive from Amazon for linking these products and you all purchasing them through amazon, I refuse to let you pay a price that is literally a rip-off. So I linked the actual ordinary site (same with the Glossier Futuredew). But anyways, HAIR OIL. Everyone needs this especially when you get those dry split ends. Do not apply to your roots. Only to your ends as needed directly after showering (works best in my personal experience).

5. Ice Roller

  • Honestly just a good staple to have! You can get them in other shapes and sizes, and works so well at de-puffing your face after a whole day in the sun!

Honestly there is so much more where that came from so if you’re interested, or you’re interested in a different topic, let me know and I will deliver! I hope you got something out of this blog post. Have a wonderful day and happy summer ❤